Consumers nowadays have grown tired of conventional factory food and tend to favour more on traditional baking products or handmade cookies. The taste of childhood memory brings back nostalgia feeling that make people feel closer to the heart. Hence, the mushrooming of home-based business in Singapore. With the food industry trending to small scale, homemade, family run business, we at ePackaging, realise the importance of introducing affordable and high quality packaging to cater to the increasing needs of home business.  A good packaging not only improve the aesthetic look of the products offered, but it will also increase the value of products, thus increasing in sales profit. We provide a wide range of packaging products to choose from, be it from cookies jar, cupcake boxes, paper bags to glass jars etc… 

With the emphasis of not over relying on imported products, home based business plays an important role in local economic growth.  We support these businesses by providing them an alternative creative solution to their packaging, improving in their sales and expanding their business circle. Customers need not to worry of buying in bulk as we sell our products in small quantities. We also plan to offer takeaway packaging in the near future to cater to more demanding needs such as those managing family cafes and local food stalls.

Sourcing for quality and reliable packaging is our priority. Running internal quality check to ensure the packaging offered are in competitive price without compromising on quality. We envisioned to be a home-grown company offering comprehensive range of packaging products for small scale businesses.

Local warehouse ensures that goods are readily available. Leave the storage and handling problem to us!

We strive to provide speedy delivery within 1-3 working days after order confirmation. Customers just need to sit back and wait for the goods to be delivered to your doorstep. Hassle free from arranging pickup or courier services as we get it done for you.